All-Natural Menthol Crystals 2oz

All-Natural Menthol Crystals 2oz


Our Menthol Crystals were originally developed to create an amazing aromatherapeutic effect in saunas, similar to what you’d get in a Eucalyptus steam room. These all-natural crystals are colorless and clear, and a natural by-product of steam distilled peppermint essential oil. 

The most popular uses for our Menthol Crystals are to deodorize a room and to create a vapor for respiratory relief.  You can also use them to help relieve coughing, congestion, symptoms of the flu, and upper respiratory problems. Many customers report using menthol crystals to sooth sore muscles, help to diffuse tension headaches, or relax tight neck muscles.

Please note: Menthol crystals can and will melt in high heat temperatures. If you find your crystals have melted in the jar, don’t worry! You can still use them. Simply break them up (carefully) into small pieces and add them to your wax melter or warmer as usual.

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